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  • Announcing the appointment of Dr Benoit Varenne, (former Regional Advisor for Oral Health, WHO Regional Office for Africa 2010-17), as the Responsible Officer for Oral Health (ORH), WHO HQ, Geneva. We wish Dr Varenne the very best and our support for his future activities.
  • Caries data for Argentina, Germany, Latvia and Russia updated.
  • “MY SMILE” - tooth brushing program for school children in Dubai, UAE, presented in the Bank of Ideas section.





  • Caries data for UK and Yemen updated.
  • SiC Index data for China presented (first time).
  • Tooth mortality data for China updated.
  • Periodontal diseases data updated for China.


  • Caries data for China and Indonesia updated.
  • Periodontal Diseases data updated for Turkey.
  • Manpower data for Malaysia updated.
  • Edentulousness data for Switzerland presented.





  • Quality control of CAPP; several sets of data and/or pages have been checked and updated.
  • We are grateful to all our contacts and colleagues, at home and around the world, for your unfailing support. Thank you...  
  • We wish you all a warm and wonderful summer.






  • Caries data have been updated for Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Latvia.
  • Oral Health Policy for Oman presented (Domain 16, page 154).
  • Oral health manpower data has been updated for the EURO and SEARO Regions.
  • We wish Dr Hiroshi Ogawa, Oral Health, WHO HQ, Geneva, the very best. 


  • Caries data for Slovenia, Tunisia and UAE updated.
  • Tooth Mortality data presented for Tunisia, for the first time.
  • Dental Education data for China updated.
  • Oral Health Manpower data Tables for AFRO, AMRO and EMRO updated.





  • Caries data for Timor-Leste presented for the first time.






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