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Phuket Declaration on Oral Health in HIV/AIDS 2004

Phuket Declaration on Oral Health in HIV/AIDS 2004
- A commitment to action

The 5th World Workshop on Oral Heath and Disease in AIDS was held in Phuket, Thailand from the 6-10th July, 2004 and was sponsored by

   Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand

   International Association of Dental Research (IADR)

   National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA

   University of California-San Francisco Oral AIDS Center

and also co-sponsored by WHO as HIV/AIDS in oral health is a priority issue of the WHO Oral Health Programme.

The participants from 27 countries expressed concern about the growing burden of oral disease related to HIV/AIDS which affects particularly the developing countries which do not have programmes and services available to cope with this problem and have put forward the Phuket Declaration in HIV/AIDS 2004 - A commitment to action.


  Phuket Declaration (2004)

a. provision of systematic epidemiological information on oral health conditions associated with HIV infections;

b. promotion of research into understanding oral disease related to HIV and identification of the most indicative oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS;

c. integrating oral health into national health surveillance systems which record HIV/AIDS related health conditions;

d. dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS related oral disease, care and prevention through every possible means of communication;

e. training of primary health workers in screening and provision of first-level care in HIV/AIDS related oral disease;

f. access to health facilities and provision of oral health care and health promotion for the improvement of quality of life of people infected by HIV, emphasizing the inter-relationship between oral health and general health;

g. development of positive attitudes towards oral care of HIV/AIDS patients by health workers.

The participants support the efforts of the WHO Oral Health Programme aiming atcoordination and inter-country sharing of experiences in prevention and oral health care of HIV infected people.
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