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We are pleased to see that many authors around the World refer to CAPP data in their articles and presentations. Several of these researchers present interesting analyses of our data and in doing so, they add new aspects and background to the mere figure. We are grateful for this as it also illustrates how the CAPP database contributes for example to developing countries research.

Below we present a list of articles where CAPP has been mentioned in text or Reference lists. It is from 2014. There may be many we have missed, in particular those in local languages - you are welcome to inform us!



International Dental Literature


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Special Reports

 National Dental Inspection Programme (NDIP), Scotland, 2013. Report of the 2013 Detailed National Dental Inspection Programme of  Primary 7 children and the Basic Inspection of Primary 1 and Primary 7 children.



 National Monitoring and Evaluation Dental Survey (NMEDS), 2011. Final Report, Philippines.

 Patel R. The state of oral health in Europe. Report commissioned by the Platform for better oral health in Europe; 2012. (http://www.oralhealthplatform.eu/sites/default/files/field/document/Report%20-%20the%20State%20of%20Oral%20Health%20in%20Europe.pdf) 








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