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21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook 21st century education : a reference handbook edited by Thomas L. Good.
Cover Image Citizenship and education in liberal-democratic societies :
teaching for cosmopolitan values and collective identities
edited by Kevin McDonough and Walter Feinberg.
Framsida Claiming our callings : toward a new understanding of vocation in the liberal arts by Kaethe Schwehn and L. DeAne Lagerquist.
Creating citizens : political education and liberal democracy by Eamonn Callan.
The demands of liberal education by Meira Levinson.
Book Jacket Education in a single Europe
edited by Colin Brock and Witold Tulasiewicz.
Cover Image Handbook of Research on Student Engagement by Sandra Christenson, Amy Reschly, Cathy Wylie
Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning Learning to read critically in teaching and learning edited by Louise Poulson and Mike Wallace.
Cover Image Negotiating language policies in schools :  educators as policymakers edited by Kate Menken, Ofelia Garc̕a.
Rethinking multicultural education for the next generation:
the new empathy and social justice
by Nadine Dolby.
Routledge international companion to education edited by Bob Moon, Miriam Ben-Peretz and Sally Brown.
The SAGE Handbook of Education for Citizenship and Democracy The SAGE handbook of education for citizenship and democracy edited by James Arthur, Ian Davies, and Carole Hahn.
Social justice, peace, and environmental education:
transformative standards
edited by Julie Andrzejewski, Marta P. Baltodano, and Linda Symcox.
Book Jacket Thriving in the multicultural classroom:
principles and practices for effective teaching
by Mary Dilg ; foreword by Vivian Gussin Paley.

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