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Three-dimensional nanobiostructure-based self-contained devices for biomedical application


Collaborative EU FP7 funded project

Start: 2009.07.01
End: 2012.06.30 
Acronym: 3D-nanobiodevice
Grant Agreement Number: 229255
Call identifier: FP7-NMP-2008-SMALL-2
Funding scheme: 3-Year Collaborative Project (STREP)
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Sergey Shleev 


  • - to develop protocols and make 3D conducting nanostructures with controlled nanodimensions, surface chemistries and surface energies/curvatures for efficient performance of enzymes incorporated into 3D nanostructures
  • - to electronically wire glucose oxidising and oxygen reducing enzymes in 3D structures for generation of electrical power higher than 0.3 mW cm-2
  • - to construct glucose oxidising and oxygen reducing 3D nanobiodevices which retain 80% performance characteristics in complex biological and cell culture fluids as compared with simple buffer solutions
  • - to manufacture 3D-based self contained proof-of-concept biomedical devices consisting of a glucose/oxygen sensor, a biofuel cell and a wireless signal transmitter
  • - to demonstrate wireless monitoring of glucose and oxygen in biological fluids, wounds, and cell cultures








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